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Web Security

Most OWASP Top 10 vulnerabilities can be mitigated by limiting the attacker’s ability to send arbitrary data.


Web security matters

With an ever increasing number of cyber threats affecting all web applications on the world wide web, companies must invest in extensive coutermeasures to protect their most valuable assets; their customers. xSSRF provides an affordable and simple to integrate all-in-one solution which replaces existing WAF systems by providing a more effective way to prevent client-side tampering with your website.

Our solution

Military-grade client-side controls

Together with leading cybersecurity experts we developed, what we think, is the last security solution your company will ever need.

Simple integration

xSSRF can be used in proxy mode to protect any upstream application without complicated configuration.


Our innovative, highly modular approach allows easy integration to all major cloud infrastructures.

Encrypted by default

The server component supports all major encryption mechanism including cutting-edge TLS 1.3 with elliptic curves.

Brute-force protection

All session are secured by an ingenius algorithm-based brute-force protection and queueing support to compensate for high-traffic situations.


GDPR compliant

No logging of user data is neccessary to ensure the highest protection against evil actors. We are taking privacy very serious.

Multiple certifications

xSSRF recieved multiple renowned certifications for april fools bulshittery. The team behind xSSRF is currently in the process of getting ClSSP certified. Or at least that's what they wish for.

Architectural Comparison

The technological superiority of xSSRF can be seen in a one-by-one comparison of current security mechanisms against xSSRF.

High complexity

Client-side controls

To mitigate the dangers of client-side controls, developers must move complicated processing to the server, thus increasing the complexity of the application.

Analyze application

Security assessments

To find missing or flaws server-side input validation extpensive security audits and penetration tests have to be conducted.


Future proof

Extending existing applications require costly penetration tests to ensure no new bugs or security issues were introduced.

No complexity

Client-side controls

All client-side controls are already checked by the xSSRF proxy. Any application can be secured in a matter of seconds. No additional engineering required.

All-in-one package

Security assessments

xSSRF can blindly be installed in front of any web application to ensure full protection against evil actors.

Already covered

Future proof

No matter what may change in the application, the xSSRF proxy will continue to block misbehaving users from injecting malformed inputs. No need for configuration changes.


What people say about IT security?

xSSRF helped us solve all client-side validation issues with a single click and zero-trust compatibility.

Nahuel Grisolia | CEO of Cinta Infinita

Hazard reduction is a key aspect in lowering uncertainty and exposure to your most valuable assets. In terms of ISO/IEC 27001 Annex A Control Set 7, xSSRF is perfectly suited to help with none of that.

Elon Tusk | some Dude from Teslo

ISO 3103 compliance has never been so easy. Not too hot, not too cold.

G. Oldie-Locks | Freelancer

I don’t always secure web applications. But when I do, I use xSSRF.

J. Goldsmith | Living meme

Without xSSRF we would have gone bankrupt by now. I love your system. I don’t always clop, but when I do, it’s because of xSSRF.

Dan Marsalek, Wirefart | Fugitive

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xSSRF Hands-On

The folks over at ERNW GmbH released a practical hand-on about setting up xSSRF and outlined how our solution can help you secure your applications.